Company - Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our company - PPHU TIM - was established in 1989, when we began to manufacture glass balls, mouth blown and hand painted.

One day somebody noticed that polish traditional pickle has got interesting shape... The most beautiful pickle was chosen, the form was made and production of pickle-shaped Christmas tree ornaments has begun. Thus we started to manufacture Christmas tree ornaments of different shapes broadening our offer.

Shortly after that we decided to introduce elements of nature and we added Christmas tree ornaments in shape of animals to our collection: birds, cats, dogs, sheep, mice and much more.

In the meantime, following the polish tradition of Christmas, we opened production of ornaments in the shape of Santa Claus, angles, candles, gifts.

Nowadays we have a large collection of handmade and rich decorated Christmas tree ornaments in various shapes.

Check our catalogue and choose the ones you like the most. Remember this is only a sample of our collection. Contact us and we will show you much more.

We also manufacture ornaments on special request of our clients, so if you have an interesting idea how to decorate your Christmas tree - feel free to start co-operating with us!